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We live in continuous movement...
Often unaware of our body, our sensations
and our breath.
Our minds buzzing with imagery and self talk. Relentless.
 "In my classes... I want to offer you the space and time to unfold your potential. And through the practice of body awareness and sensory clarity, help you find a more comfortable and pleasurable way of being."

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 Awareness Through Movement
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73 lessons documenting the journey of an Awareness through Movement group class from absolute newbies to kinesthetic connoisseurs.

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The Myth of the Perfect Posture 

To change our posture means to change our perception of the body.

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6 Original Lessons

Introduction to Yourself

6 Feldenkrais beginners Lessons

To lenghten the spine

6 Feldenkrais Lessons

On Shoulders & Arms

6 Feldenkrais Lessons

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About Erifily Nikola

I am a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (2012) and Kripalu Yoga Teacher (2008) with a passion for both the human body and the human potential

I live  in Athens, Greece. 

I teach Online Feldenkrais lessons in Greek & English.

In my classes I offer people the space and time to unfold themselves.